January 10, 2019

Henkel Maintains Golden Batch with Leading AI Platform

Henkel Harnesses the Power of AI and Saves $300M Annually

One of the most important challenges currently faced by process chemical manufacturing companies is creating products which are golden batch quality. Ideally, optimal product quality is achieved “first time right” by streamlining all processes for best product outcomes.

Leading manufacturing plants are accomplishing this today by leveraging Cerebra – an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform tuned for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in the specialty chemical industry.

Data ingested into Cerebra provides actionable insights, delivering visibility into all stages of the manufacturing process. Cerebra gathers data from the processes and identifies the key parameters influencing product quality — empowering manufacturing plants to consistently get product outcomes right the first time (i.e., without needing to rework the batch due to poor quality).

Watch this video to learn how Cerebra enabled Henkel, the world’s leading adhesive manufacturer to reduce its time taken for root cause analysis by 90%, achieve 95% accuracy in quality prediction, and win the 2018 Connected Plant Game Changer Award.

Since its inception, Cerebra has impacted over 15 countries — improving asset uptime and increasing operational efficiency for over 20 manufacturing plants and more than 100 process lines.

Ready to learn more? Let’s start a conversation. Send an email to [email protected], or visit our website and click on the “Request a Demo” button in the top right corner.


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