July 1, 2013

When 2 worlds collide - M2M + Big Data ...

When human beings got connected, it unlocked a whole new set of possibilities and companies like facebook, linkedin etc came up with solutions which had never been there before.

The ability of machines to interact with each other promises to unlock a whole new set of opportunities unprecedented in our history

Flutura has been working on some game changing M2M big data analytical solutions with multiple industry players for the last 12 months .

Some of the most interesting M2M use cases have emerged from Oil and gas, Energy/Utility industries, Intelligent building management systems, Security device use cases and telecom sector. 

But before we go the use cases lets step back and walk thru some of the most frequently asked questions in plain simple language

What is M2M ?
Its machines having the ability to communicate and "talk" ( hmmm machines can talk ? )

What are some real life examples of M2M ?

  1.  Connected car ( Think Fords onstar program )
  2. Clinical remote monitoring
  3.  Security ( Think listening to firewalls and identity management devices )
  4. Pay as u drive car insurance ( Insurance )
  5. Smart meters ( Energy )
  6. Traffic Management ( Smart City )
  7.  Building Automation systems

What are the forces driving M2M to the tipping point ?
  1.   Miniaturisation of sensors
  2.  Plummeting cost of instrumenting an asset with sensors
  3. Regulatory needs ( European regulation on sensors in vehicles and Energy smart meters )
  4. Emergence of eco systems
  5.  Innovations in bandwidth + cloud + taming big data

Who are the players and what roles do they play in the M2M ecosystem ?
The 3 major players in the M2M eco system are
  1. Device manufacturers ( Honeywell, GE , Philips etc )
  2. Network carriers ( Vodafone, AT&T, Deutsche telecom etc )
  3. Central monitoring players ( Pacific data systems )

Trust you enjoyed the first in a series of blogs on the intersect between M2M and Big Data Analytics. Stay tuned as Flutura goes deeper and deeper in the M2M Big data ocean :)


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