July 2, 2013

What are real life end user stories which bring out the power of M2M and Big Data Analytics ?

The best way to understand the disruptive potential of Big data is thru actual real life end user stories of adoption on the ground.

Here are 3 we found interesting

End user story-1 : GE Trip Optimizer
It is a solution which leverages M2M and Big data analytics to optimize fuel consumption in locomotive engines. A 1 % saving in fuel = $ 1 Trillion dollars per year.

End user story-2: Samsung T9000
Its a futuristic refrigerator from Samsung which can be connected to the internet with Wifis and runs a lot of apps.

End user story-3 : Trxcare
Pill dispensers which contain a sensor. Each time a medicine is consumed from the dispenser it activates an sms to Trxcare command centre thru the vodafone network

We at Flutura will be sharing more such end user stories as the adoption of M2M goes mainstream and a sensor network engulfs the world :)

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