March 11, 2018

Flutura's 6th Anniversary - Cerebra: AI platform for Industrial IoT

Flutura Cerebra AI for IIoT

Flutura completed 6 years!

2017 was a defining year for Flutura since we started our journey in 2012 with lots of achievements to reflect and be proud of.
  1.  We now have one of the Best Ever Customer Base in Industrial IoT - each of them having a potential to become multi-million dollar accounts in the years to come. 
  2. Flutura continues to be seen as a Thought Leader in What We Do globally - Flutura shared its vision on AI in Industrial IoT at Stanford, Flutura will receive the Connected Plants Game Changer Award next week, Investments by Vertex Ventures, Lumis Partners, Hive, and Hitachi who believe in us. 
  3. Cerebra Powering Trans-formative Outcomes - on its journey to become the Most Reliable Industrial Intelligence Platform in the market
But I think the best way to remember 2017 would be to feel privileged to be in the midst of a Potent Team Shaping the Future of Industrial IOT - Pioneering Engineering + AI. 

I am really excited and cannot wait to see the things we would ExperienceLearn and the new opportunities which our customers and partners would Entrust us with, as we move forward through uncharted territories together!  
Thanks to our customers and partners who have believed in us and shaping our journey.


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