October 30, 2017

Transforming 6 Operations across 15 countries for a $10 Billion Process Chemicals Giant [Use Cases]

A lot has been talked about the hype around #Industrial IoT, viable business case, a juicy ROI for IoT platforms. I wanted to share this very proud moment where #Flutura's Cerebra deployment which started as a small app back in 2015 is now the central nervous system driving plant operations worldwide for a Fortune 500 process chemical major.
The customer's global operations and quality teams called for a checkpoint review last week to assess the impact of Cerebra on its operations and looking at new avenues to leverage it for its operations.
We never imagined the number of ways Cerebra could impact day to day operations as it is today. Here are a few areas where Cerebra has triggered concrete actions to transform operations.
1.  Cerebra drives product quality benchmarking - Before Cerebra, every product manufactured had its own quality measurements and was difficult to assess, benchmark and compare the quality across manufacturing batches, across production lines, and across factories to take corrective actions. Cerebra introduced a scientific way to measure product quality in a homogenous manner enabling measurement of performance at all levels. At a single instance, the product quality can be assessed in a simple and intuitive way. The entire plant management team now reviews operations through Cerebra. Old, paper-based review processes have been discontinued.
2. Cerebra learns complex interactions - Before Cerebra it was impossible to attribute causal factors for suboptimal batches due to the multitude and complex nature of data points available. Cerebra is now constantly learning the ever-changing complex interactions and inter-relationships between human, machine, environment, processes, and outcomes throughout the manufacturing process and helping operations and quality teams to intervene at the right time.
3. Cerebra is “THE” root cause analysis system - Before Cerebra, root cause analysis was manual, highly time-consuming and many a time impossible to conduct due to the sheer complexity of the process. Cerebra is now able to isolate the needle in the haystack with ease; one of the manufacturing plants was able to isolate an issue related to the design of the blades used in the industrial mixer to be the cause for variance in viscosity of the manufactured product. The production schedule was changed in order to circumvent this constraint
4. Cerebra pinpoints critical manufacturing step changes - Before Cerebra, macro deviations or step change in operations were difficult to detect. Cerebra is now helping detect macro shifts in processes; a manufacturing plant was able to detect a change in product quality due to a change they made to a supplier of a critical raw material several months before. Cerebra now helps review Supplier performance.
5. Cerebra detects unforeseen patterns - Before Cerebra, repetitive & seasonal patterns were difficult to detect. Cerebra is now helping unearth unforeseen changes to environment leading to undesirable impact; Cerebra detected a peculiar pattern related to variance in quality from a particular shift, on the investigation, the training process was relooked into and operators are now being trained on the new process.
6. Cerebra optimizes Standard Operating Procedures - Before Cerebra, process effectiveness and continuous improvement to the standard operating procedure were subjective and reactive. Cerebra is now helping monitor compliance to standard operating procedures, the effectiveness of standard operating procedures and helping question status quo; Cerebra helped narrow down more-than-a-decade-old quality threshold established for a specific product's BOM and in turn, helped change the product development formulation.
Cerebra IIoT intelligence platform was initially deployed to gain basic visibility into product quality deviations on the manufacturing line; has now
1. Transformed Production Planning
2. Transformed Machine Resource Planning
3. Transformed Supplier Performance Assessment
4. Transformed Product Development
5. Transformed Manufacturing Process Optimization, and 
6. Transformed Operator Training.
Many plans and blueprinting are underway to leverage Cerebra in multiple areas; next being Supply Chain Optimization. 
Cerebra is serving as THE operating system on which Man-Machine interactions are being orchestrated. It has become the Central Nervous System for plant operations.
Can't wait to see a day when Cerebra supports autonomous operations.
It was an amazing moment to see the team rejoice at the impact they had made to our customer's business. Great job team. Look forward to many more transformations


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