January 5, 2017

Technology Trendsetters Setting the Pace in 2016 and into 2017!

This was a year of some very notable acquisitions, mergers and divestitures not to mention some game changing technology launches. Let’s take for example the Dell acquisition of EMC. This was the largest technology merger in history with over 140k employees it will be the words largest privately controlled technology company in the world. It is a good time to be a technology partner with Dell as Flutura became earlier this year!
Another Mammoth Deal that was very notable was the acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft. We knew an acquisition of LinkedIn was coming but by who was the question. Kudo’s to Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner! Another company that made bold moves in 2016 was Accenture who had spent over $1B by mid-year on acquisitions including a buyout of CRM Waypoint from the Netherlands a cloud advisory and technology company and then a month later Accenture bought Formicary an ISV and technology consulting company. The company went on to buy a majority stake in IMJ Corp and then bought OPS Rules an analytics and data sciences company and then acquired Maglan and Israeli based cyber security company. Talk about making bold moves. Accenture has made over forty acquisitions since 2013 and does not seem to be slowing down.
The list goes on and on… IBM acquisition of Bluewolf, The leading Salesforce.com channel partner. The split of Xerox into two different companies. The continued Cisco shake up by Chuck Robbins restructuring the company to focus on a shift from network hardware to more of a software and services company. Ingram Micro was acquired by Tianjin Tianhai a Chinese investment firm.
This also has been an incredible year for Industrial IOT (Internet of Things). Whether you are talking smarter sensors being brought to market for oil and gas applications, industrial automation applications for control, informatics or mobile computingCompanies that have been talking about an Industrial IOT strategy for a couple of years have starting doing pilots and have been able to prove out an Industrial IOT solution that makes sense for their organizations
There are some very notable predictions also being made in the market by the likes of Bain, McKinsey, GE and IHS.  Bain has made a prediction that by 2020 hardware and software vendors revenues could exceed $470B. McKinsey predicts that Industrial IOT will grow to over $3.7B by 2020 andGE predicts that Industrial IOT will top $60T (That is Trillion with a T!) in the next 15 years. This could explain why GE has made bold moves in buying Predix and recently Meridium.  Finally IHS predicts that the number of installed Industrial IOT devices will grow from approximately 15.4B devices to over 30.7B devices by 2020 and to over a whopping 75.4B devices by 2025!
The focus of IIOT in the coming year will be to solve complex issues within the various industries like logistics, manufacturing, services, etc. 
There was an announcement earlier this year about how Lufthansa is using Industrial IOT to create an entirely new business around mining data from their maintenance, repair and overhaul operations and providing these new services to their customers. This would include real time aircraft, airport and weather data to improve on-time performance and optimize operations. 
Flutura has formed strategic partnerships in this arena as well as aggregating all available data for the client’s equipment and operations together to consistently deliver reliable operations to their customers. 
This has been an incredible year for Flutura being featured in Forbes, Tech Asia and other publications.  Flutura has been working with some of the biggest names of industry this year in Oil and Gas, Utilities, Industrial, Maritime and Manufacturing and has uniquely designed the architecture of the Cerebra software in a very different way than you would see from other companies to meet the needs of these industry leaders.
A Big Thank You to The Flutura team that has taken the market feedback and built a second to none Industrial IOT platform that rivals ANY other in the industry but most of all A Big Thank You to our customers and partners who have helped shaped the success of Flutura in 2016!
I’m looking forward to 2017 being one of the most prosperous years in Flutura’s history!


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