March 27, 2016

Industrial IOT in 2016

I have to tell you I am excited about 2016!  This year I have had the opportunity to work on numerous IIOT projects and have had many conversations with customers and
partners to lay out the architecture that will enable new business models in the coming year.  I am proud to say I have had the opportunity to help shape what is coming in 2016 in industrial IOT applications. 

  In fact some of these technologies have been a direct result of the interactions we have had with customers that are trying to drive new business models within their organizations.  Much like the movie “Field of Dreams” the customers have said “if you build it, I (they) will come”.  Customers have expressed how IIOT can help them unlock new revenue streams if we do “X”, or if you can do “X” we can finally have a better grasp on our process, controls and even people. Yes, the human factor…

  Anyone in the industry knows IIOT enables companies to use some type of hardware, sensors, software, and machine learning algorithms and other technologies to collect and analyze data from machines, processes and “things” that are producing large data streams.  However there has been some game changing advancements with even higher speed processors and DSPs.  Memory cost is at an all-time low.  Broadband wireless connectivity is more abundant than ever at any time before, even in remote areas never seen before thanks to the massive build outs from telecom partners.   In addition there has been an abundance of new high resolution sensors being built able to capture data that wasn’t available before and even a deep and rich set of standards that is enabling the number of monitored or managed data points to vastly explode.

  With these considerations people and the companies they work for will begin to be able to see data in a whole new granular detail like never before seen.  By combining live streaming data with historian data we will be able to enable a continuously optimized process and give autonomous control without having to second guess the process or the controls, thus vastly improving efficiencies.  With that said the expected growth of IIOT over the next four years is over 6B devices.  That is roughly four million new devices, sensors, etc. per day. Of course in just one area like utilities there will be an explosion of over 1M new connected devices in power generation plants alone, 2M in transmission and distribution substations, 16M in smart meters!  In oil and gas there will be over 4M new connected devices that include about eight new sensors per well site and about twenty new sensors per separation and storage site.

  Like I said, I am excited about 2016 but reflecting back over 2015, this has been a great year.  Shaping the future is exciting and fun and I can’t wait to make a positive impact on society with IIOT in 2016.

Author :Rick Harlow


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