June 1, 2014

Data Maturity: Is your Organization Data Savvy?

Organizations are getting more data driven day by day but all of them are not at the same level of maturity.Its like a natural resource for the organisation and it has to be refined to derive more value out of it.

There are essentially 3 levels of data maturity
  1. Explicit: When data is embraced within an organization, they start at this level. At this Level, the organisation explicitly collects data that they require. For example, when a E-commerce website asks the user to register, they are explicitly collecting data. This is then used by the  site to understand their user and derive some basic action that they can execute. This level, only user data exist and the data size is quite small
  2. Implicit:  Machine data starts from this level. At this level, organisations capture data on a passive basis. For a Travel website, the clicks the user makes on the website such as sorting the price of a flight by price are implicit to the organisation. In the energy sector, collecting the the voltage and impedance reading from all the electricity smart meters are implicit to the Energy organisation. The data at this level usually larger in size and have a high velocity. Data and statistical techniques are used to derive some insights
  3. Triangulated and adaptive action: This is the highest level of maturity that an organisation attains using data. Data is used with a fine level of sophistication to derive targeted actions. A travel website can personalize the user experience based on his/her previous behavior on the site such as showing executive class flights first for a user who is identified as a business user. A skyscraper will have lot of trip units and device failures of these trip units are a huge cost to an organization. Organization who have attained this level of sophistication can channelize their data, learn from it, predict the device failures, temporarily halt the device to be investigated and bring up a back up unit to take the load.
There are very few organizations who have attained 3rd level of maturity. Keeping this in mind, Flutura's proprietary Cerebra platform helps organization to reach the highest level of maturity.

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