July 12, 2013

8 M2M Use cases ... Analytics + Big Data + Building Management Systems

As the internet of things explodes, the building management industry is ripe for disruption from sensor data. Flutura has been obsessed with end user stories in the M2M big data space. Here are a 8 specific big data use cases which are at the intersect of M2M Analytics + Big Data + Building Management Systems.

Triangulating false alarms
Triangulating alerts from multiple big data event streams is key in M2M situation. For example the control room which is receiving fire alarm event needs to know if this is a smoker accidentally causing an alert or are their multiple alarms going of which could mean a serious event is happening in the building

Geofencing assets
In an Building management situation certain assets can have constraints on their possible location. If the asset crosses certain geo coordinates an alarm event can be triggered by examining the sensor and geospatial event streams.

Signal in technicians notes
Building management technician creates inspection reports which have a lot of unstructured text around keywords like "leakage", "noise", "vibration" which could serve as an early warning system to impending

Predictive modelling of crucial asset failures
Chillers and boilers are 2 crucial components in a building management systems. If enough historical data exists, one can build a predictive model which can proactively nudge maintenance staff to respond when it sees an increase in probability of breakdown

Real time condition monitoring
As a swarm of sensors engulf a building, it's very important to ensure that the alarm events are able to "swim" faster to the central command centre and not be impeded by the avalanche of state messages waiting to be processes by the central command centre in real time

Causal hypothesis testing
Building management technicians and maintenance staff have a lot of experience regarding potential causes of failure of say a lift. These hunches can be periodically harvested and a statistical hypothesis tests can be done to either confirm or reject the existence of an "experiential hunch"

Adverse event message forensics
When an adverse event happens say - crash of a lift or a fire gutting a floor of a building, investigative agencies may need to process the exchange of messages between the sensor and the command centre in order to understand the sequence of events leading to a failure

Alarm hot spot analysis

A central command center team can also do hot spot analysis of alarm frequencies to see if there are clusters of devices or geo locations which need intervention because of the abnormal amount of alerts experienced. It could also trigger a replacement of device on a proactive basis

Flutura would be posting more M2M big data use cases ... Stay tuned ...


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