April 6, 2013

Lean UX - A review

I review for the O'Reilly Blogger Review Program
One of the best books in a long time ... 

Here are 10 nuggets of wisdom We learnt from Jeff and Josh’s book - Lean UX
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  1. 1.       Insane focus on business outcomes
    2.       14 core principles
    a.       Small, Dedicated, Colocated teams
    b.      Progress = Outcomes, Not Output
    c.       Problem-Focused Teams
    d.      Removing Waste
    e.      Small Batch Size
    f.        Continuous Discovery
    g.       GOOB : “getting out of the building.”
    h.      Shared understanding
    i.         Anti-patterns
    j.        Externalising work
    k.       Making over Analysis
    l.         Learning over growth
    m.    Permission to fail
    n.      Getting out of deliverables business

    3.       Product being predicated on 5 pillars - Assumptions + Hypothesis + Outcomes + Personas + Features

    4.       12 point business assumption worksheet which makes explicit all the assumptions

    5.       6 point user worksheet

    6.       Breaking down macro product  hypothesis(un testable) into micro testable hypothesis

    7.       Bringing the end user ‘alive’ -  a 4 Quadrant worksheet to map proto-personas ( our best guess of the user)
    a.       Sketch and name
    b.      Behavioural demographic
    c.       Pain points and needs
    d.      Potential solutions

    8.       Feature map template
    a.       We will create ___________ feature
    b.      For ____________ persona
    c.       To achieve ___________________ outcome

    9.       Low fidelity prototypes to increase interaction, collaboration and crystallisation

    10.   Jeff and Josh emphasize on “Human conversations” as the most powerful tool to eliciting latent needs

    The best statement =  “stakeholder conversation becomes less
    about what artifact is being created and more about which outcome is being achieved. “

    One of the most actionable for product development. 150 pages of distilled wisdom .
    Click here to see the book