March 1, 2013

33 "Gotchas" from Strata 2013 @ Santa Clara

Flutura participated in the mother of all big data conferences - Strata - right at the heart of Silicon Valley-  the hub of disruption

Business takeaways ( Strata-2013)

1. All of them had a feeling of 'Data Renaissance' sweeping around them
2. Telefonica presented wonderful use cases of telecom log files being used to make retail decisions
3.Data brokering is a new monetizable product and revenue stream for them
4.Retailers are going to salivate at location data more and more
5.Telephone log files were used to decode where love is blooming and fading ( long late night calls x times in y time frame )
6.Multi disciplinary exploration of data would maximize insight yield
7.Map pathways to specific business outcomes from big data
8.Think 'Data Products' ... Think ' Minimum viable features for data products'.
9.Story telling can breath life into boring numbers 
10. Data is increasingly going to be the lifeblood of an organisation
11. The process of translating market place intuitions into testable hypothesis is extremely key !
12.There are multiple ways of seeing ... spotting new patterns
13.Lots of cognitive biases exist while reading data
14.Awareness of these biases and blind spots in what the data is telling us is key
15. Every social event would be instrumented and recorded on Social platforms forming a rich data stream
16. Visual story telling skills are going to be in demand
17. Privacy frameworks are key
18. Privacy framework = Anonymization + Aggregation
19.Think 'Data ocean' and 'Data tributaties'
20. Important metrics to watch - 'time 2 impact' + 'return on data' ( not ROI )

Technical 'gotchas'
21. Human knowledge precedes machine knowledge ... Respect the human :)
22. Graphs = hot !
23. Graphs + Geospatial = hotter !
24. Graphs + Geospatial + Text = hottest !
25. WebGL / Panthera / Project Rhino /REST Services / Raphael= Very very cool  :)
26. The folks from Google showed some amazing stuff on world shipping lanes gathered from satellite data 
27. Modeling Individual behavior + geospatial = hot !
28. Mutable data models are key !
29. Data Scientist is a very broad term ... There is immense variability in data science
30. Needs a new taxonomy to describe nuances
31.Dont interview data scientists ... 
32. Ask them to read real analytical outputs, try before u buy models 
33. Look for Curiosity + Passion + Communication is mandatory traits of a data scientist