May 29, 2012

What is the "$ denting" Big Data use case ?

Many big data engagements are Data forward as opposed to being use case backward”. It’s very important to fully understand the $ impact of the use case being instantiated and the business value of the new data pools which are being streamed for analysis. For example how much increase in revenue are we expecting when creating a recommender engine using Hadoop cluster to increase the breadth of purchase for online customers? If so a value tracker can track the incremental revenue attributed to the recommendations converted into a sale from the big data solution? In the digital big data use case catalogue tracking word of mouth analysis using social graphs is important because message virality is directly co-related to purchase behavior ... So to summarize ask yourself the most important question ' Is the use case I am instantiating on my hadoop cluster truly $ denting ?" or is it a nice to have ?

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