April 13, 2012

Overlaying Text mining over Behavioral Segmentation

While customer segmentation works on structured behavioral data to give us into a clue of the customer behavior, unstructured text mining can give us a clue as to what the customer actually feels about his or her experience. For example in one example in a recent exercise after segmentation of customer behavior they overlaid the key themes emerging from sentiment analysis by text mining of inbound customer calls to 1-800 numbers on top of it. This allowed the business to co-relate customer behavior with the underlying themes in conversations. For example the top 5 keywords which were used frequently by each behavioral segment can reveal a lot about the service levels / product coverage which influence the behavior reflected in the segment classifications. One can also discern if the migration of high value customers had anything to do with the increase in certain watch keywords in customer conversations. So consider combining text mining along with segmentation

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