April 5, 2012

Telecom : 4 Steps to build a Network Graph in Hadoop

Dicerning relationships between customers and the underlying patterns can be a huge source of intelligence for smart marketing activities. Network Link Analysis offers a construct to decode density of interactions and patterns. Network Link Analysis can be done by analyzing call behavior data obtained from CDR switch data. There are 4 essential steps in doing this which are outlined below


Extract CDR information and summarize it for each unique combination of caller and called number


For each caller and called number, count the frequency of calls made, the number of smses sent, the number of prime time calls etc


Use this model to develop call behavorial profiles to target . Example : Friends and families program

Step-4 :

Interrogate the social network database for specific behavior . For example : Who are my existing customers who make more than 20 % of calls to competitive networks during peak time and either the call duration for day exceeds 90 minutes or number of calls per day exceeds 12 ?

Can we target them with a ‘friends and families’ scheme to bring their most frequent called numbers into our network fold and incentivise them in the process

This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of leveraging Big Data Network link analysis or graph analysis to impact ARPU ( Average revenue per user ) in the telecom industry


  1. Hi!
    Do you know any telecom operator, who already implemented this technology,based on hadoop?

    1. Yes there are 2 we are aware of one in middle east and the other in the US who have implemented this to traverse large graphs