March 29, 2012

"Sara" & Big Data patterns

Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge in Hinduism. The sanskrit root 'sara' means essence. Saraswathi is symbolic of the need to extract and respect knowledge.  

So how does one extract the 'sara' in big data ? How does one codify the knowledge extracted from loads of sensor data, digital intent data, unstructured data floating around websites etc ?

Using various machine learning algorithms statistically significant patterns can be surfaced. In the process of 'bubbling up' patterns its conceivable that hundreds of statistically significant patterns can be surfaced. It is the duty of the domain analyst to put these patterns into business context and rank them on their potential to generate revenue, optimize cost or affect the risk matrix of an organisation. Once these patterns are extracted they can then be codified into a business rules engines which feeds a channel application. The channel application can then leverage that knugget of 'sara'(essence) which was extracted from  consumers behavior data streams to present the next best offer or a customized promotion or a highly personalized intimate webpage etc.

One can always draw inspiration from Saraswati to build a patterns repository which has the 'sara' or essence of the core $ denting patterns !

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