March 27, 2012

“Forty second Boyd” & Big data

“Forty second Boyd” was the nickname for John Boyd who was a US Air force military strategist. He was known as “Forty Second Boyd" for his standing bet that beginning from a position of disadvantage, he could defeat any opposing pilot in air combat maneuvering in less than forty seconds. Businesses world wide have applied Boyds strategies in combat maneuvering to business. One of John Boyd's primary insights was that it is vital that the pilot must change speed/direction faster than the opponent can think and act. Getting "inside" the cycle—short-circuiting the opponent's thinking processes—produces opportunities for the opponent to react inappropriately. So how can this are applied to the world of business. In the world of business the relative ability to decode Big Data patterns faster from competition results in increased survival rate. Read more about it at

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