March 27, 2012

Modeling Butterfly effect in word of mouth behavior

“Butterfly effect” is an effect introduced by Edward Lorenz that essentially studies the amplification effect of a small change in one place to a large change in some other place.
Word of mouth activation is one of the most engaged action a user can undertake while on a website.So how can the principles of Butterfly effect be used to model word of mouth behavior ?If one wants to model complex social graph to discern the most active word of mouth behavior one can use ready made social graph libraries available. Using Social graph mapping tools one can quantitatively measure the amplification factor implicit in the “Butterfly effect”. For example, A tiny variation in no of clicks to activate a WOM event on Social diffusion of message and buzz velocity .Messages can become viral via many social channels - email referral, facebook , twitter etc. A tiny variation in range of channels to activate a WOM event can have a big impact on the viral velocity of a message. More at

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