March 29, 2012

Big Data use case : Optimizing cost of telecom tower maintenance

One of the most compelling use cases for Big Data is in managing fuel consumption in the telecom tower business.Krish was recently engaged in a conversation with a few folks who had intimate understanding of the business. Each of the telecom towers has a generator and one of the biggest components of cost is diesel cost.  There are many sensors/energy meters which constantly emit large data streams of operational data. How can they learn from years of humongous data collected across all towers regarding fluctuations in operational characteristics. Machine learning algorithms can crawl thru terrabytes of operational data stored across years to say with confidence what will happen and the drivers/operational patterns which lead to the event happening. Algorithms like apriori can spot failure signatures and these statistically significant patterns can be chunked into a knowledgebase. In fact machine data use cases though not as glamorous as digital use cases deliver far more dent to the cost/revenue levers than the digital big data use cases

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