March 28, 2012

Analyzing Telecom Machine data

Telecom industry has some of the "ripest" use cases for Big Data. Lets look at the sheer number of devices in the periphery of a telecom infrastructure. 
They have 
- Firewalls 
- Routers 
- Switches 
- Towers 
- Application servers.

Each of these devices are constantly emitting data which reveals something about the state of the device 
- Perimeter devices login events and failure 
- User activity . Ex : Admin user / sys etc - Changes to user privileges 
- Configuration changes 
- Policy changes 
- Failure/System down events 
- High resource usage events/activity 
- Reboots, Resets and restart activity 
- Accounts created, deleted or modified 
- All administrator or root user activities on all servers 
- All group activity including creation, deletion, membership changes and rights or permissions assignments 
- All files accessed on the server.

From a compliance perspective as well as security and infrastructure load management perspective, telecom companies are required to manage this huge torrent of data. But traditional data solutions fail because of the following reasons 
- Sheer Velocity of device emitted events 
- Too many attributes in each device event 
- Stretches Traditional data solutions 

 An in many cases do not seem to work.

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